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Covid 19

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It’s at times like these when we realise just how much the NHS represents the very best of our country and society. People from all ethnicities and walks of life with different experience/skills, pulling together for the common good – it is warming to see.

You will have seen in the media last week that Prince William and Kate visited staff working incredibly hard, to man the phones at an NHS 111 call centre based in Croydon. This re-confirms that our NHS nurses/doctors/other medical professionals should be held at the highest of regard by all, especially the government who had already down-graded their role’s by making cuts to their pay – a deep insult to them and their profession.

Our prime minister has now stepped up to advise of a lockdown. Some say it is only “partial”, “not forceful enough”, “people are still out there gathering to have bbq’s”…list goes on. We must, as a community, step up where we can and support our neighbours, not just our loved ones, as not all neighbours (vulnerable at that) have local friends/family members to help them in these times of great need. You can use an app such as nextdoor to see who is need of assistance and offer your time to support.  Or you can seek the volunteer section on the website to find out other ways of how you can give up your time to help others.

Do though ensure, you keep the safe distance between you and another, being the 2/5 meter gap for your health and safety as well as others.

Let’s come together, be kind and soldier on through these adverse conditions. #covid19

Our deepest condolences to all the families who have suffered the loss of a loved one during this pandemic.



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