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LANDLORDS! Put your hand’s up if you want your time back….

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‘How much free time I would have if I no longer had the burden of directly managing my tenancies’?…

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What comes to mind?
Vacationing without the worry of making sure you are at your tenants beck and call? (especially when a bulb blows)
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Dedicating more of your quality time to your loved ones? Maybe doing more of what you like best i.e picking up a hobby or 2 
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Have you thought about outsourcing to relieve yourself of the added pressure, to your already busy lifestyle? You may even wish to take a few months out or would prefer long term assistance maybe.
If you are thinking about hiring a tenancy manager, contact a reputable agent who will discuss your needs and work with you to relieve you of the pressures and manage your tenancies for you. They will then become for the 1st point of contact, so you will stop getting calls or texts at all hours for the smallest of things (you may be nodding in agreement at this
Take the step – thank yourself later! 😊 
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